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Cleaning machine Acceptance and use

(1) The construction and acceptance of the equipment Foundation shall be inspected by the quality Inspector of the construction department in conjunction with the Civil construction contractor to fill in the Construction acceptance list. The foundation construction quality must conform to the basic drawing and the technical request.

(2) The final acceptance of the equipment installation project, after the equipment commissioning qualified. By the Equipment Management department and the process Technology department in conjunction with other departments, in the installation, inspection, safety, use and other related personnel to participate in the acceptance, to make the identification, fill in the installation of construction quality, precision inspection, safety performance, test run record and other vouchers and acceptance of the transfer orders by the participants in the acceptance of the signature of the parties can be completed.

(3) After the acceptance of equipment to handle the transfer formalities.

Equipment Open box Acceptance (or equipment installation transfer acceptance list), the equipment running Test record list is signed by all the personnel participating in the acceptance and the technical documents brought by the equipment, the equipment management department shall be included in the equipment file management, the spare parts and spare parts of the equipment should be filled in and sent to the equipment warehouse for storage. The Safety Management Department should file the safety issues in the installation test.

(4) Equipment transfer completed, signed by the Equipment management Department of equipment production notification, and copies to the equipment Management department, the use of units, finance departments, production management departments, as the archive, notice the beginning of use, fixed Assets management vouchers, assessment project basis.

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