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Product Categories

The scope of cleaning machine is as follows:

1, aerospace, aviation-cleaning precision parts. Electronic circuit boards, aircraft wheels, braking systems, air-conditioning heat exchangers, bearings, various metal parts.

2, railway--all kinds of gate valve, brake valve, shock absorber, bearing kit, passenger car, refrigerator refrigeration system condenser, radiator, locomotive internal combustion engine 0, parts, electrical 0, parts.

3, automobile, motorcycle manufacturing-cylinder body, cover, steering mechanism, shock absorber and all kinds of machining parts, chassis, hub electrophoresis before the oil removal, derusting, in addition to oxidation.

4, optical devices-camera lens, microscope, telescope, glasses, watch glass, optical lens after grinding, coating before cleaning.

5, liquid crystal (LCD) manufacturing--LCD substrate Plating ito membrane cleaning, lcd base moment Eclipse, perfusion liquid crystal before the road, after the cleaning process.

6, electronic manufacturing, communication, computer--SMT patches, PCB welding flux, impurity cleaning.

7, Microelectronics-monocrystalline silicon wafer, integrated circuit manufacturing process cleaning.

8, electronic and electrical components-a variety of resistors, capacitors, electronic devices, magnetic devices, low-voltage electrical products cleaning.

9, metal stamping parts-all kinds of metal products after stamping oil, derusting, removal of oxides, decontamination and other cleaning.

10, mechanical parts-all kinds of precision metal parts of the oil removal, removal, rust removal, removal of oxides, decontamination and other cleaning.

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